Last Mile Intermodal Solution

This intermodal transportation solution is a project in its infancy. The motivation for this project is enormous – to create a new intermodal mode of transportation that will remove trucks from city streets. Ultimately, shifting both inbound and outbound freight traffic to underground tunnels that will be automated and electrified. The final goal is a new freight transportation network that will be faster, cheaper, and more ecologically friendly to cities. Consumers will enjoy better prices and more selection in city center shopping districts, online orders can be easily filled from central distribution centers and sent to the city center for delivery. A freight distribution system that supports the structure of the economy of the 21st century.

This project is currently being undertaken and is looking for sponsors and participants. The intermediate goal is to produce a feasibility study that applies the Last Mile Intermodal System to Prague, Czech Republic and assesses the cost feasibility and revenue estimates. A longer term goal is to find a city government that is willing to make serious steps at implementing the system. Please fill in the contact form below to get involved in this exciting project!

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